Our new member company: MBH Bank

In line with two strategic objectives as “Partner for sustainable finance” and “Responsible company” MBH Bank’s vision is to be a key player in the creation of sustainable banking in the domestic financial market.

Initiatives and decarbonisation efforts of the member banks to date, environmental risks, management expectations for transparency, and employee well-being are the basic pillars of their ESG strategy.  The Bank’s ESG unit has been set up to coordinate the tasks defined based on the objectives, with performance indicators.

Their Net Zero efforts are based on the PCAF methodology, their Sustainability Report is based on GRI standards.

As a part of their corporate social responsibility programme they believe it is important to contribute to community development and the well-being of those affected by the natural and social environment, within their economic means. Their priority issues are: supporting the socially disadvantaged through inclusion, developing financial awareness and digital literacy supporting Hungarian arts and culture.

To improve the well-being of their workplace communities, they plan to launch various programmes to raise awareness, knowledge and attitudes among their employees. These programmes will cover the whole spectrum of the employee lifecycle, focusing on the specific needs of each employee lifecycle, such as trainees, early career, pregnant and returning mothers and support for workers over 60.

They have joined our membership to contribute to creating a sustainable future in BCSDH’s community of forward-thinking companies and leaders.