The third year of „Future Leaders” Talent program started off with large number of participants

BCSDH launched the 3rd year of „Future Leaders” Talent program participating 26 talented, young leaders at the opening ceremony held January, 21.

Siemens Zrt. hosted the opening event January, 21. 2016, where the 26 talented young professionals had the opportunity to meet the mentor companies and the mentors supporting the program for the first time. During her opening speech Managing Director Irén Márta, appointed last year, highlighted the international success of the Hungarian talent program of the „Future Leaders” initiative, as it was presented to representatives of 70 countries in Paris recently. István Salgó, president of BCSDH emphasized the seven principles of the ‘Recommendation for business leaders’ that provides the best possible structure of the program, covering the most important business aspects of sustainability a company leader must have on his/her agenda.

The significance of the program is not only in its forward looking from macroeconomic point of view, host Dale A. Martin, CEO of Siemens pointed out, but the company Siemens itself recognizes the benefits in its own business too, having participants delegated to the program for years.

Mandy Fertetics, Head of corporate programs of BCSDH presented the details of the program and introduced the participants. The concept and practice of business sustainability is expanded in the program in group basis using various methods. Factory visit, case studies, discussions, CEO interview, professional presentations and interactive exercises foster learning and development.

Participants of the 2016 program are delegated by the following companies: Acnecom, Allianz, Alteo Group, BASF, Budapest Airport, Busch-Hungária, Coca-Cola, eisberg, E.ON, Generali, Grundfos, KPMG, MagNet Bank, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Provident, SCA, Shell, Siemens, Syngenta, Unilever. Another participant was selected through the scholarship program launched for university students; Attila Ónody is an MsC student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Irén Márta stated that the success of last years is also proved by the fact that some of the previous participants are taking on mentoring tasks today.

The most important mentor companies of this year are: Alteo, Budapest Airport, Coca-Cola HBC, Drehet Breweries, E.ON, eisberg, Grundfos, Inest, KPMG, MagNet Bank, McDonald’s, MOL, Nestlé, Richter Gedeon, Siemens, SCA, Shell, Telenor, Unilever.

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