The competition: Social & Business Co-Creation: collaboration for impact

The competition Social & Business Co-Creation: collaboration for impact , developed by Ashoka, the Zermatt Summit Foundation, Fondation Guilé, DPD and Boehringer Ingelheim is looking for innovative Co-Creation projects in Europe led by social-mission organisations, traditional businesses and public institutions.

All social-mission organisations (e.g. NGO, association, not-for-profit, foundation, social enterprise), businesses and public institutions who work together to create change in Europe can apply. The competition deadline is April 10, 2014.

The 3 winners will receive coaching and a first prize of € 20,000, two runner-up prizes of € 10,000 and two early entry prizes of €1,000, and will be featured in prominent media. The prizes will be awarded at the Zermatt Summit on June 27th, 2014. Please read our Welcome Letter to learn more about the search, and visit the Eligibility & Criteria page for more information on how to enter.

  • The competition is open to all social-mission organizations, corporations or public institutions whose co-creation projects have an impact in Europe (click here for the list of eligible countries).
  • Applications must involve at least one social-mission organization (e.g. NGO, association, not-for-profit, foundation, social enterprise) and one company (of any size: from SME to multinational) collaborating on a joint project. Collaborations involving multiple partners and including public institutions are highly encouraged to participate. For practical reasons, one of the partners will submit the application on behalf of the team of partners.
  • Eligible initiatives range from early stage co-creation initiatives (ideas) to projects with a proven track record and large impact.
  • We seek to attract co-creation projects with the following characteristics:
    • The project addresses a societal issue
    • Lead partnering organizations bring complementary distinct and essential expertise to the co-creation project beyond funding only
    • The project is linked to the core mission/ business of partners and should result in tangible results for each party
    • The project is generating social impact and has the potential to do so at scale
    • The project is a concrete illustration of how leadership, management practices and organizational structures are evolving to create shared value to multiple types of partners.

About the competition find more information ‘here‘.


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