Trust transforms business

Transparent operations – through the lens of future leaders

Businesses are expected to operate transparently, which is a key aspect of creating a sustainable economy. The EU-directive, which has taken effect in 2017 does oblige non-financial reporting for certain large companies. Despite of that, the Edelman Trust Report 2017 Survey found out, that not only the institutionalised world, but also business is dominated by an atmosphere of unprecedented distrust.

The question of the day was: What can we do to rebuild confidence and trust, in order to help future leaders to lead sustainable coorporations?

In 6th September, the last professional day of our Future Leaders Program ws held by Richter Gedeon Plc. Mentors and participants have examined the incentives and objects of transparent operation from various aspectives, with the help of real-life decision-making situations. (Hereby we would like to thank for the aspects of Katalin Sipos, director of WWF and dr. Orsolya Fazekas, lawyer.)

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