WBCSD President’s Letter to G20: We must keep the Paris Agreement a priority

Today, the G20 Finance Ministers are meeting in Washington DC during the IMF/World Bank meeting and we are urging them to keep the Paris Agreement, climate finance and the FSB TCFD top priorities on the G20 agenda.

Climate change will be a crucial part of their discussions.

The business voice must be clear and resounding. Companies must strongly urge all G20 actors to reaffirm their commitment to the Paris Agreement – starting with the finance ministers tomorrow, and continuing on to the G20 leaders meeting taking place from 7-8 July.

The business case remains clear. Addressing climate change is the biggest business opportunity for the foreseeable future, and the transition to the low-carbon economy is unstoppable.

Taking action on climate is a critical part of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When we take action on climate, the impacts go far beyond just Goal 13 – their ripples positively impact goals related to health, communities, hunger, energy and cities, just to name a few.

And achieving the SDGs will drive innovation, growth and development that generates up to 380 million jobs worldwide while creating at least US$12 trillion in business value per year by 2030.

Here is the link to the public version of the open editorial: https://goo.gl/NHC9Gn.

Next week we will be sharing with you letters that CEOs can sign to send to the G20 Heads of States before the Sherpa meeting early May.


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