Tree planting for carbon-conscious events

It is important for BCSDH that all of its operations, including events, are carbon-conscious. In collaboration with GreenDependent Institute, we plant 40-50 native fruit trees annually in school gardens to offset the CO2 emissions that we cannot avoid, thus supporting sustainability on multiple levels. Recently, on behalf of the BCSDH Executive Board, BCSDH employees planted six fruit trees at the Göllner Mária Regional Waldorf High School in Budapest.


The TreeDependent program focuses on planting native fruit trees in educational and social institution gardens, which:

  • Provide educational and communal gardening opportunities for students and residents of the institutions
  • Offer the owners delicious fruit and contribute to local food production.
  • Contribute to the preservation of biological diversity and local varieties. The trees are sourced from the “Tündérkert” (Fairy Garden) in Pórszombat, Zala County, which serves as a gene preservation site

BCSDH aims to draw the attention of its members to the importance of carbon-conscious event organization. Learn more about organizing carbon-conscious events.