IKEA – Second Life For Furniture

“At IKEA, our goal is to become a circular company by 2030. To achieve this, we need to rethink how we conduct our business and preserve our existing values. Entering the used furniture market is a fantastic opportunity for us to achieve sustainable business growth while reducing our dependence on limited resources. Our ‘Second Life for Furniture’ service enables IKEA customers to conveniently and economically pass on their used furniture while giving a second chance to products finding new homes.”
Barbora Kotoun, Country Sustainability Manager, IKEA

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The executive summary of the business solution:

In June 2022, IKEA launched the “Second Life for Furniture” service, offering a sustainable opportunity for our customers. This service involves buying back used IKEA furniture from their owners, which has become surplus in their homes, and giving these items a second chance in new homes. After repurchasing and careful inspection, the products seeking new owners are placed in the “Furniture Rescuer” section, where anyone can purchase them at the price at which IKEA bought them back. Products in the “Furniture Rescuer” section come with a one-year warranty for our customers. Additionally, IKEA Family members are provided with a guaranteed solution for repurchasing children’s furniture, thus contributing to the circularity of furniture that families typically use for short periods during specific life stages.

This service aligns with IKEA’s goal to become fully circular by 2030 and offers our customers an environmentally sustainable and conscious option when making decisions about their purchases and furniture replacements. Thanks to this service, in Hungary alone, 2,993 IKEA products were given a second chance in 2022, and our aim is to increase this number year by year.