OPTEN ESG Solution

“The sustainable businesses of the future are being built in the present. Many organizations now need to examine their operations, plan how to catch up with a common goal, if they don’t want to fall behind in the competition. OPTEN not only supports businesses with ESG services for strategic reasons but also out of a sense of mission, right from the first step. Our goal is for the Hungarian business world to understand sustainability-related topics, to get to know their own and their partners’ situations, and then make business decisions based on the acquired knowledge and – the emphasis is on this – relying on credible data.”
Tamás Tóth, CEO, OPTEN Kft.

The executive summary of the business solution – with the original, unchanged text

The executive summary of the business solution:

Given today’s regulatory and market conditions, our company’s mission is to engage, educate, and assist SMEs in ESG compliance. Based on our experience, SMEs not only lack a sustainable mindset in their daily operations, but their capacity is also insufficient, and they struggle to keep up with the associated costs.

To address this problem, our ESG reporting product, which will be detailed later, provides a solution. Thanks to the framework and logically structured format, companies have nothing else to do but provide the data we require. As a result of the process, they receive an ESG report covering various topics, priced according to the resource level of SMEs. The content and structure of the service have been accredited by GRI, the world’s largest and most renowned framework provider, following a six-month audit period, making it the first of its kind in Hungary.

We see that it’s far from sufficient for large corporations to focus on sustainable operations primarily due to regulatory and investor pressure. SMEs need to be addressed, and a straightforward digital solution must be made available to them so they can take the initiative, understand what aspects they need to pay attention to, and where they should make changes to operate more sustainably. OPTEN’s mission is to attract and encourage all 490,000 Hungarian companies to act toward this common goal.