Budapest Airport wins prestigious environmental awards

Budapest, 16 October 2018. Budapest Airport has won two prestigious environmental awards; Ozone TV’s “Green Award” was handed over recently, and previously, BUD received Telekom’s “Dolphin Award”.


Following a strict, international audit, Budapest Airport achieved carbon neutrality last year, which means that the airport’s fossil energy use has been counterbalanced in the course of operation, with various measures. The international measurement unit for this is the carbon footprint. But the environmental experts of Ferenc Liszt International Airport are not resting on their laurels, and have launched numerous other programs, all promoting sustainable development and operation in harmony with nature. These include the GreenAirport program, which many airport-based companies and authorities have joined.

The Ozone Award recognizes organizations, small and large companies which strive to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint in the course of their daily operation. Winners are expected to prioritize environmental protection and sustainable development, and to keep introducing useful, exemplary solutions, combining creativity and environmental awareness. The award is decided, based on the nominations of the environmental media, by a panel of experts, whose members obtained valuable experience of sustainable operation in various areas of life.

“We are very proud of winning this award, bestowed by Ozone TV and environmental experts, as we managed to demonstrate that we are ready to share the benefits of aviation with those living in the vicinity of the airport,” commented Gábor Szarvas, environmental protection director for Budapest Airport, during the handover of the award. He also highlighted that Budapest Airport is trying to convince more partners for the cause of sustainable airport operation. Thus, amongst other things, the replacement of gas-operated airport vehicles with electric ones is continuing and the widespread use of LED lighting is on the agenda, which enables a significant energy saving, coupled with greater light output.

Ozone TV, which granted the Green Award, will provide an opportunity for Budapest Airport’s representatives to discuss the planned measures which will contribute to the full implementation of sustainable airport operation, in the TV show called “The Equator”.

Earlier, Budapest Airport also won the Dolphin Award established by Telekom, in the large company category. This accolade is bestowed on large companies operating in Hungary which, through their activities, organize the stakeholders of a business sector and implement joint programs aimed at sustainability.

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