Clean Home, Clean Planet

The Henkel Laundry & Home Care business unit sets new standards by combining innovation and sustainability. With its product developments, it constantly strives to make the daily lives of their consumers easier. An excellent example for this is the “ProNature” product family, which offers the proven high-quality cleaning performance of trusted Henkel brands in an even more sustainable way, winning over a wide range of consumers.

The ProNature assortment already includes eight products of the brands Clin, Bref, Pur and Somat. The ProNature product family is made using several sustainable ingredients*. In addition, the plastic packaging (excluding the cap) is made of recycled plastic and contains Social Plastic®**. The Somat ProNature box and the back of Bref ProNature toilet fresheners are made of 100% recycled paper. These are just a few reasons why ProNature products also carry the “Ecolabel” label (except for Bref ProNature toilet fresheners).

“Sustainability is an essential part of our business and the main sustainability trends are key parts of our innovation strategy. It is very important to us that our innovative solutions are sustainable and achieve positive environmental impacts in the long run. The ProNature concept plays a valuable role in helping Henkel achieve its ambitious sustainability goals. Moreover, ProNature products represent another step towards achieving our packaging strategy and goals for 2025,” emphasizes Lukáš Hájek, General Manager of Laundry & Home Care.


Social engagement: HUF 5 million support to the 10 Million Trees Foundation

Sustainable and responsible actions characterize the collaboration between the ProNature product line and the 10 Million Trees Foundation. As part of a campaign involving ProNature products and consumers, 1,000 trees will be planted nationwide in the coming months.

The 10 million Tree community, which was founded more than a year ago, is now present in nearly 150 settlements and 50,000 trees have already been planted with community funding worth about HUF 1.2 billion by dedicated volunteers. “We believe that our sponsorships with companies, our partnership with Henkel, will yield fruitful results that can bring us closer to achieving our ultimate goal of planting 10 billion new trees faster,” the President of the Foundation added.

Learn more about Henkel’s sustainability efforts and ProNature products.

Also learn about the work of the 10 Million Tree Foundation

* compared to the standard Henkel product range

** Social Plastic® For three years now, Henkel has partnered with the social enterprise Plastic Bank as the first global company, producing consumer goods. The common goal is to reduce plastic pollution of the oceans and at the same time create new opportunities for people living in poverty, especially in countries that do not have waste management infrastructure. The local population can take back the collected plastic waste to the collection points set up for this purpose and exchange it for money, goods or services. This significantly reduces the amount of plastic reaching the oceans and at the same time new value is created. This plastic waste is recycled and gets back into plastic packaging production as Social Plastic®.

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