DANUBE BOX national students’ competition: 7th year of support from Coca-Cola Hungary

Danube Box national students’ competition has announced in 2014 as well. The organiser Global Water Partnership (GWP) Hungary will accept applications till 24 February.

Through this program supported by Coca-Cola Hungary more than 5000 children from hundreds of schools got more familiar with the habitat of the Danube basin.The success of the Danube Box clearly shows us that the for-profit, state and non-profit sectors can cooperate successfully in reaching an important common goal,  in this case: the protection of the Danube.

At Coca-Cola Hungary they believe, that in case of environmental protection, and on the field of protecting the Danube they can be successful only if we manage to make a long-term impact on the attitude of people. This was the reason behind creating the Danube Box comprehensive media set and a national student competition based on this set.

Danube Box is an education material, a comprehensive media set aiming to make children known of the complex world of Danube River, and that humans make a part of its ecological system. Danube Box helps teachers in countries all along the Danube River to motivate children to learn more about the natural and cultural assets of the Danube-region and to protect the river and utilise it in a sustainable way.

The interactive education material prepared by the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) for pupils aged 11-19 and their teachers provides not only factual and professional information, but lots of illustrations, worksheets that can be copied, descriptions of role-playing games, indoor and outdoor activities and a section on culture (ever day stories, memories, recipes), and a CD-ROM with an interactive Danube trip. It allows for a playful understanding of the fauna and flora of the Danube Basin and the way the river and its environs contribute to the well-being of communities, while children also make researches and learn by the “hands, the mind and the heart” encouraging them to reflect on their own way of life.

As in the previous years, teams can apply for the competition in two categories: 11-14 years old and 15-19 years old. It has three online turns and a national final for the best 7 teams of each category.

The competition is listed in the official register of national educational contests. All the relevant materials can be downloaded from the website of Danube Box. Also, all schools nationwide can submit their applications on the website: www.danubebox.hu.

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