Toyota Motor Hungary became a member of BCSDH

Since January 2014, Toyota Motor Hungary Kft. has been an actively participating member in the work of the Business Council for Sustainable Development Hungary. In accordance with the objectives of its international parent organisation – the World Business Council for Sustainable Development – BCSDH also intends to provide a platform for local companies which focus intensively on considerations related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Being a high prestige international organisation in global business life, WBCSD has many international companies among its membership. Toyota Motor Corporation is one of these companies, with its entire operation based on the principle of sustainable development. In line with this philosophy, all Toyota business partners, suppliers and retailers are encouraged to follow an environmentally responsible approach, while Toyota is increasingly focusing on environment-friendly propulsion systems in its vehicle manufacturing operations. To this day, Toyota has sold over 6 million full hybrid Toyota and Lexus models globally, resulting in a reduction of 41 million tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions, and a reduction of 15 billion tonnes in petrol consumption.

As the organisation wishes to set a positive example for others, a modern, full hybrid Toyota is used by BCSDH.

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