Dataxo Group, known for its tax IT solutions, has launched a new product intended for the international market. GERONIMO was presented at GITEX in Dubai.

Sustainability at a company begins with the business processes: just as raw materials cannot be wasted according to responsible thinking, we must also treat our human resources efficiently. All company processes can be made more efficient by introducing automation, but it can cause difficulties if new systems have to be introduced in addition to existing ones. That’s why Dataxo Group created the platform called GERONIMO, which integrates solutions previously only available in external software into the existing corporate management system of any company.

The different IT solutions behind efficient company operations sometimes seem to speak a completely different language. But as long as it is not acceptable within a company that colleagues do not understand each other, why would it be okay with different software that serves the processes?

GERONIMO is an interface on which these separate IT solutions can finally communicate with each other. It connects the existing ERP or DMS system with a system providing invoice reception, document management, electronic signature or any other fintech solution, so our already established and well-functioning interface will be able to do even more.

Through integration, processes can be automated, thereby making a company smarter and its work processes more sustainable.

It only takes a few days and requires only one link: GERONIMO.


One connection. Limitless opportunities.

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