Dove moves to 100% recycled plastic bottles

To be part of the solution in creating a circular plastics economy, one where plastics are reused and recycled, Dove is accelerating and expanding its actions with renewed force, Dove is making some significant changes to packaging and products. Here’s how.

No plastic: According to the plan single packs of Dove’s iconic beauty bar will be plastic-free globally. Development is also underway to replace the plastic outer-wrap of multipacks with a zero-plastic material.

Better plastic: In line with Unilever’s global commitment to halve its use of virgin plastic by 2025, Dove will switch to new 100% recycled plastic bottles, where technically feasible, in North America and Europe by the end of 2019.

Less plastic: Dove will leverage the technology behind its new reusable, refillable, stainless steel format deodorant sticks: minim™. It will be trialed as part of the LOOP™ platform initiative: a first-of-its-kind, minimal waste, direct-to-consumer shopping system.

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