Environment friendly and energy saving lighting solutions

Energy saving is a key feature of every installation made with Legrand products. Legrand as the worldwide professional of products and systems for electrical installations and information network, offers more and more solutions for the better usage of electricity and the cut down of energy consumption. As we can use Legrand products long term and they can be easily and quickly installed, they contribute to sustainable development.

Energy saving solutions at our home

As lighting gives 1/3 of our home’s electricity cost, this is key to have economical solutions to reduce our costs.

The most obvious and cheapest solution is to light with natural blaze but this is not always an optimum and consummative answer. To be efficient and make our costs lower we can change our lighting solutions.

The easiest way is not to leave our light on needlessly. We should switch off all the lights not only when we leave our home but even when we just leave a room for a short time.


The best way is to adopt our energy consumption to our everyday habits. Legrand helps us to solve this problem with partially or fully automated home systems.

Dimmers can make our life more comfortable by adopting the light level to our routine. By using motion and presence sensors we can spare ourselves from the manual switching as they automatically manage it. In a home controlled by intelligent home systems, we can set our lighting, temperature and energy saving according to our habits.

Our electricity cost can be reduced by almost 50% if we use Legrand motion sensors and dimmers. Beside cost saving we can make a comfortable atmosphere to ourselves and to our family.

Beside the easiness of the settings of the smart lighting control, the home system allows us to manage different functions at the same time. It can be warmer in the children’s room, a little bit cooler in the living room, very bright in the dining room, what is best for everybody.


Legrand went much more further to feel ourselves comfortable. With intelligent systems the combined and special needs can be achieved by only one touch of a button. Preset scenarios and timing for example dinners, relaxation or friendly chats can be started, by only pushing a single button. Of course, we can manage our lights from simple switches or from touch screens or even from our mobile phone. Thanks to the Legrand’s MyHOME intelligent system, we can achieve a 45% saving in our lighting costs.

To help our costumers in our catalogue we put a little green icon next to our energy efficient products. Our company strategy’s main point is to rise the supply of environment friendly product.

As a summary we can say that Legrand is committed in reducing energy wasting, and developing of energy efficiency and allow us to feel more comfortable.

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