Following our ancestors in behalf of our successor – Legrand application on the V. Greenovation GP

The environmentally conscious corporate reward V. Greenovation GP’s this years announcement of results was held on the 12th of April by the supervisor Publishing Hungary magazine publisher. The Legrand Zrt.’s application with the title of Following our ancestors in behalf of our successor in the category waste management was rewarded by praiseful degree by the supervisors and was taken by Lajos Dudás EHS and infrastructure leader.

The head of the jury Mihály Hartay waste management expert praised the variety of the applications and the variegation of the introduced processes. The applicants sent their works from different areas of the economic life, among them there were local government, healthcare institute, large company and micro enterprise. Mihály Hartay said that the supervisors hope that the works of the applicants will show a good example of the other players of the economic life and they help the building in of the innovation into the hungarian big businesses.

In the application of the Legrand Zrt. as the part of the corporate responsibility introduced it’s diverse environmental protection programme and it’s main events. It granted insight into the waste managemnet regulations, wastecollector- and parkmaker events, and explained in detail the actions after the suspension of the galvanisation. The VOC polluting is clearly the effect of the degreasing technology of the 80’s which, at that time, fitted the environmental protection rules, however since than rule strictenings have happened. The Legrand Zrt. makes the restoring work as part of its coherent and responsible project.

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