For Shell, safety and health is always top priority

The spread of the coronavirus is currently creating uncertainty in everyone’s lives. In these times, it has become even more important to take responsibility for each other and for people’s health living around us.

In order to be able to ensure the safety and health of customers and site staff these days, Shell has further strengthened its hygiene and disinfection rules at all filling stations in Hungary. Frequently used surfaces and the areas where customers and staff are mostly around are disinfected regularly, several times a day. Thus, the areas used by the customers, the rooms used for cooking and the staff rooms are also cleaned with great care. For refuelling, disposable plastic gloves were placed to the dispensers, while the stocks last.

In addition, further measures have been introduced to minimize the spread of the virus. In order to minimize contact between employees and customers, as well as customer contact with each other, customers are warned by signs to keep the appropriate distance of 1.5-2 m. In addition, a maximum of five people can stay in the shops, a dividing plexiglass wall has been placed at the cashier desk, and staff welcomes customers in mask and rubber gloves. The card terminals are turned towards the customer, so they can manage to arrange all card payments (bank cards, Shell fuel cards and ClubSmart cards) with self-service. Foods are only available pre-packed and customers are encouraged to buy in takeaway form. Now, the use of tables and chairs in the seating area is not permitted.

In addition to the extra measures, Shell welcomes all not-everyday heroes during this emergency situation, and invites all paramedics, doctors, nurses, police officers, soldiers, firefighters and truck drivers to the filling station for a delicious Caffé Perté cappuccino or espresso for free. More than 15,000 Shell filling stations in 30 countries have joined this initiative.

More information can be found on the and Shell Facebook page.

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