Henkel taught about 1700 children to sustainability

42 volunteer employees of Henkel held sustainability classes so far to almost 1700 students from 41 Budapest and provincial schools during the company’s Sustainability Ambassador Program. In the program the volunteer employees – ambassadors – of the company visit elementary schools and teach the students in a playful class how to live environmentally consciously, save water and electricity. The goal of the initiative is to teach environmentally conscious habits to the elementary school kids.

 Fenntarthatósági Iskola Program 1

Henkel employees visit elementary schools since 2013 within the framework of the company’s Sustainability Ambassador Program, and held playful sustainability classes. Since the launch of the program, 42 volunteers Henkel employees drew the students’ attention on the importance of green thinking in 41 schools, during 72 extraordinary lessons, in which 1,698 students have participated so far. Henkel visits primary schools worldwide with 3800 ambassador in about 70 countries.

Sustainability is especially important to Henkel, and commitment to society has always been part of the company’s social responsibility. As part of the program, the Henkel employees complete a training to become Sustainability Ambassadors, and visit school from the capital and the countryside, where they show the children in playful, interactive classes how they can act environmentally consciously in their everyday life. During the special classes, students can learn tricks and tips, which can help them to protect the environment, save water and electricity.

Fenntarthatósági Iskola Program 3

 “The Sustainability Ambassadors is really a gap filling program, the experiences prove that a comprehensive, amusing and understandable environmental education is really needed in elementary schools. We are very proud of the results of the program, our colleagues and the kids also enjoy the lessons very much” – said dr. Ágnes Fábián, CEO and volunteer sustainability ambassador of Henkel Magyarország.

Fenntarthatósági Iskola Program 2

Henkel is confident that the students will remember what they have learned as adults and green thinking will be natural for them. The Henkel Sustainability Ambassador Program won the “The corporate volunteer program of the year” award at the tender of Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány (Volunteer Centre Foundation) in 2014.

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