K&H creates animal-friendly groves in the yards of 30 schools and kindergartens

K&H, which has been focusing on sustainability for years, has further developed its highly popular K&H Cooling Groves programme and will create K&H pet-friendly groves in the backyards of 30 public schools this spring. The triple aim of the initiative is to increase green space with a variety of plants and animal habitats, promote biodiversity in the yards of public education institutions and shape children’s environmental awareness.

For years, K&H has focused on raising awareness of environmental protection through a wide range of social initiatives and on ensuring that our planet remains liveable for future generations.

Building on the K&H Cooling Groves launched in 2022, last autumn K&H launched the K&H Animal Friendly Groves competition, for which more than 300 public education institutions submitted applications. In the selected 30 schoolyards and kindergartens, the financial institution will plant plants – fruit trees, shrubs, herbs – that support biodiversity, in partnership with the 10 Million Trees Foundation. K&H’s animal-friendly groves provide habitat for different plant and animal species on an area of 100 square metres per site. Animals will also be attracted to the grove with bird boxes, feeders, ponds and hedgehog dens. This will create a varied little green oasis in the courtyards of the institutions, and children will be able to observe the animals as well as the plants’ beneficial effects.

Education is an integral part of the programme. In the 30 public education establishments selected for the programme, children will be actively involved in the creation of the grove and will also have the opportunity to take part in a playful quiz on biodiversity. In addition, the institutions will receive a lesson plan for lower and upper grades, which will help them to better understand why it is important to create harmony between people, plants and animals for sustainable development.