Legrand is celebrating 30 years in Hungary

This year, Legrand is celebrating its 30th anniversary in Hungary. We are looking back a bit at the past this year, but we are also heading towards the future.

Our company, Legrand Hungary, which grew up on the foundations of the former Kontavill, not only successfully integrated from a state-owned company into an international group of companies, but has also become an equal partner of the other subsidiaries, and we have even opened new doors.

The tremendous growth rates of recent years have justified us, and it also played a role in our success that, if necessary, besides our strengths we took on our weaknesses as well.

The world is constantly changing, always at a different pace. If we only look at the last three decades in Hungary, we can remember three situations rewriting everything, which fundamentally shaped the business and economic environment and presented our company with completely new challenges: regime change, the 2008 economic crisis and the Covid pandemic.

However, we believe that if a company was able to or is about to emerge stronger from all three, it is worth paying attention to what it does and how it does it. Legrand Hungary is exactly like this.In recent years, we have managed to blend tradition and innovation and stand in the race for both the graces of consumers and within the group.

We develop based on customer feedback, so we can turn dreams and needs into truly workable solutions.The most common topics in the media are innovations by global tech companies and startups. Anyone who listens to this will see that the future will belong to smart solutions, in our case to smart homes. However, this does not only mean that the devices we offer (switches, controllers, cameras, etc.) must be remotely controllable; we must pay attention to environmental awareness, energy savings and practicality, and to offer our customers user-friendly solutions at affordable prices and, of course, to preserve the Earth for future generations.E-mobility is playing an increasingly important role, with the spread of which various Green’UP ™ vehicle charging solutions have also appeared in Legrand’s offer. All premium chargers are equipped with Bluetooth communication by default, which provides the transfer of charging information and the ability to control charging through a mobile phone application, offering users a simple and fast solution.

In addition to switches and sockets, this is how Legrand Hungary can be present in almost every area of life with excellent solutions and products. Our slogan continues to be ‘Legrand, improving lives’, and we do that to make the lives of our customers and clients easier and better.

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