More bicycle racks at SPAR stores following recommendations from cycling experts

SPAR Hungary is installing comfortable and secure bicycle racks at newly opened stores, also focusing on this feature when modernising existing stores. Based on recommendations of the Hungarian Cyclist Club (Magyar Kerékpárosklub) on bicycle-parking facilities, 17 SPAR stores are already using the easy-to-install solution.

“SPAR Hungary implements significant investments every year, opening new stores and renewing existing ones. When planning each of the developments, we take into account a very wide range of factors, from the design of the stores to their accessibility. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more people coming shopping by bicycle. We would like to offer them a convenient and secure way to park their bikes. The Hungarian Cyclist Club contributed greatly with recommendations that we have taken into account in the design of the bicycle racks in the parking lots of stores and next to the buildings,” explained Márk Maczelka, head of communications at SPAR Hungary.

The Hungarian Cyclist Club was founded in 2002 as a non-governmental organisation and it now has more than 2000 members nationwide. Their main goal is to promote cycling in Hungary and to create a culture of bicycle use. The organisation is an important stakeholder in public life, providing professional assistance in the preparation of relevant government decisions and contributing to design works and the implementation of plans. Its working group on transport development, cycling infrastructure planning and cycle storage facilities includes transport and civil engineers with design qualifications.

“It is clear that SPAR cares about customers arriving on bicycle, as it has installed the bicycle racks at its stores and provided a systemic response to our feedback by switching to more practical and convenient, lockable supports. It is an important goal of our organisation to make our towns and cities suitable for cycling, and for this not only access but also storage is an important condition”, explained Gábor Kürti, president of the Hungarian Cyclist Club.

SPAR Hungary staff initiated an exchange of experience with experts of the Club last August. As a result of the consultation and discussions, the recommendations of the NGO were fully accepted by the company. Since then, the number of SPAR stores where customers arriving with their bicycles can find bicycle racks complying with the recommendations is steadily increasing. There are already 17 SPAR stores with the recommended bike support, and this number is going to continue to increase in the future.

The most proven rack type, recommended by cycling organisations, is the so-called support frame, also referred to professionally as the “Sheffield stand”. It is simple to install, inexpensive, yet perfectly suited to the purpose, allowing the bicycle to be quickly and conveniently positioned and securely fixed to either the frame or the wheels, and it is also supports bikes with a basket or child seat.