New acknowledgments to SPAR Hungary for saving the environment and doing community service

SPAR Hungary gives more important role to investment into environmental sustainability, participation in social issues, support of needy people and domestic entrepreneurs and high-quality commercial activity respecting the customer needs. For this work, the retail company was awarded with many prizes in 2020.

Similar to previous years, SPAR Hungary has won several prestigious prizes this autumn as well. The competition results mean the obvious acknowledgement of the company’s investments and work. The decisions of the competition bodies and the evaluation committees also shows that saving the natural environment, social care, helping the domestic market and improving the standards of retail trade shall play a dominant role in the life of the responsible economic operators.

„As a responsible trading company, SPAR Hungary has been carrying out activities for a long time in the field of sustainability issues. We involve our customers and partners into several environmentally-conscious business initiatives, and with our corporate social responsibility promotions, we contribute to the solutions of community problems. The professional acknowledgements show us that we are on the right way regarding the quality service of customers and supporting and patronizing the domestic market players” – said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communication at SPAR.

In 2020, the store chain has won the second place in the Effekteam Association’s Effekt 2030 – Community investments Award in the categories Green Balance and Economy of the Future for its programmes „SPAR collaborates together with its customers for saving the environment” and „Hungaricool by SPAR – SPAR supports the market access of Hungarian producers”. In the Opportunity-Creating Business category, „the initiative on products of Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta in the store of SPAR Hungary” was awarded with the third place.

Trade Magazin declared first this year the competition Symbol of Sustainability, into which the retail company has got as one of the winners with its work „SPAR committed itself to sustainable future”.

For the outstanding promotion co-operation, SPAR Hungary received the Commercial Prize for the Hungarian Products as professional special prize established by Hungarian Product Nonprofit Kft., Trade Magazin and the patronage of Minister of Agriculture.

The newest INTERSPAR store of the company, which was opened last year in Tata, has won the StarStore competition in the hypermarket category, which was also organized by Trade Magazin. The professional jury evaluated among others the design being the most appropriate for sales concept, external and internal appearance harmonizing with the needs of target group, product demonstration, the standard of staff and service.

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