New BCSDH-member: Mielemed MPM Kft.

Mielemed MPM Kft., founded in 2020 and operating as a micro company deals with trading and consultancy of three main product lines that promote and support sustainability: Miele equipment distribution, service and sale of refurbished equipment; Distribution of AirQuality AQT air filter and disinfection equipment in the comfort, industrial and kitchen areas; Distribution of Airlite AT air-disinfecting construction industry wall paints for use in commercial, industrial and residential properties.

With the technologies they represent and sell, they make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental burden of the construction industry and the buildings they operate, because they enable an outstanding level of waste avoidance and electricity savings.

Their sustainability strategy is based on four basic pillars, such as the reduction of excessive and unnecessary consumption (the use and sale of products and equipment with a significantly longer lifespan than average, they act in the direction of a circular economy instead of a linear economy); digitalization and energy saving (the technologies they represent help to save energy); social responsibility (supporting the work of civil and non-profit organizations and foundations, either by volunteering or by providing their service free of charge); and action and attitude formation (immediate action without delay, by example).

They are creating their goals for each sustainability sub-area in the spirit of these, and in their climate protection aims – as a construction industry supplier – they are also keeping in mind the “Zero Carbon Recommendation” of the HuGBC.

Their goal is to become a well-known company in the field of energy-efficient, sustainable and healthy environment technologies an in the coming years.  For this, they consider that to belong to credible professional organizations is indispensable in order to obtain scientifically based knowledge and to be able to invest their work into useful and effective methods and good practices.