New BCSDH member: Progressive BEX Kft.

The Progressive Advertising Agency has been present on the Hungarian communication market for more than 20 years: they plan and implement campaigns and events with classic and digital advertising tools. “Never stop”, as they describe themselves: they develop new opportunities, adapt, search for and find answers even in complicated environments.

Sustainability plays a prominent role in their operations, so they regularly cooperate with civil and scientific organizations to transfer the knowledge and value they represent to the communication market. In connection with this, they launched their sustainability program called  Progressive GREENHUB, within they are working with NGO’s, their suppliers and clients on communication solutions that contribute to sustainability in a tangible way, such as the SDG goals related to waste management and hunger.

Their ecological footprint is currently being assessed, after which they will make commitments to reduce it.

The management is committed to responsible and transparent operation and respect for human rights and basic human values. Their initiatives from below and openness to them, as well as their diverse and flexible corporate culture, ensure that these values ​​are respected.

By joining the BCSDH, they would like to join to a network of company leaders with similar values.