No more energy loss in the Masterplast production unit

An energy investment worth HUF 40 million was handed over at the production unit of Masterplast Medical Kft. in Sárszentmihály.

At the production unit of Masterplast Medical Ltd. in sárszentmihály, a phase correction device was handed over and the control measurements were carried out. The project was implemented with an investment of nearly HUF 40 million. Thanks to the equipment installed by the contractor KRL KONTROL Kft., significant energy savings can be achieved thanks to the state-of-the-art phase correction equipment and active harmonic filters.

For Masterplast, as a large company in Central Europe, it is important to reduce energy losses and increase energy efficiency. With the current investment in our Sárszentmihály production unit, we are able to reduce energy costs, which will make environmentally friendly operation a reality.

In our Sárszentmihály factory, we have installed KRL equipment to help save energy and improve energy quality, with the following results:

– A 65% reduction in power harmonic content,

– 65% reduction of the voltage harmonic content,

– Inductive reactive power reduced to below the limit,

– significantly improved power quality and operational safety,

– better use of the electricity network.

Thanks to these achievements, our company has taken another important step towards sustainability, creating long-term business stability and a positive corporate image. From an environmental perspective, it contributes to mitigating climate change and other environmental challenges. It is important to reduce the company’s ecological footprint and help preserve the environment for future generations.