Online courses are growing in popularity – people spend more and more time with studying online

While research proves that 15 minutes of individual, online learning is more effective than 45 minutes spent studying in groups, the statistics of Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered programme show that people in Hungary are still willing to travel as much as 50 kms in order to study in groups. However, the programme’s online courses, which were launched in April 2018, are being used by thousands of people all over the country. The modules aim to help people to find their way in the labour market, and their popularity shows that there is a great need for online skill development, especially if these are complementing an already existing knowledge, or help people to prepare for new situations.

Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered programme has launched its unique online modules 1,5 years ago. The programme’s online modules, which are partially interlapping, but also complementary to the programme’s in person trainings, help people to develop their self-knowledge, communication skills, but also to manage feedbacks and to prepare for job interviews as well. During the last 1,5 years, over 6,100 users have registered to the platform, and currently over 2,000 users are completing one of the 10+1 modules. While the number of online users is constantly increasing, the programme’s statistics help us to answer the question of: who, when and why use online courses today in Hungary?

The programme is more popular among women

One of the most important target groups of #YouthEmpowered are young mothers, expectant moms and young women who are planning to return to the labour market or are in the process of changing their career path. While the majority of participants at the programme’s in person trainings are women, the online trainings are just as popular among them: 84% of the registered users, over 5,100 participants are women between the age of 22-25.

For young mothers and expectant moms, online trainings have the benefit of offering the opportunity to study anywhere, anytime, with shorter breaks as well. With suitable time management, they can gain new skills through the online trainings even while raising children or can receive help in starting their own business as well.

We like to study during summer as well

Contrary – or even, complementary – to the traditional study period lasting from fall until spring, the online trainings of #YouthEmpowered are most popular during the summer months. The highest number of new registrations were tracked during June and July this year, and the popularity of the online trainings didn’t decrease during the festival season either.

For new graduates, an important target groups of #YouthEmpowered, this part of the year is often spent with looking for internship or job opportunities – in their case the modules focusing on job seeking, CV- and motivation letter writing and preparing for job interviews can especially be helpful.

We love filling out online tests

After having taken the first step and having registered to the programme, online users seem to like spending time on the platform. The 6100 registered users of #YouthEmpowered have spent over 97,000 minutes with the online trainings, most of them having completed all the 11 courses. The programme’s self-knowledge questionnaire is by far the most popular among these. Contrary to the rest of the online modules, this module is not a traditional learning course, but focuses on helping users to identify their top skills and finding the most suitable career. Courses focusing on time management are closely following this test in popularity, followed by the modules about financial literacy, communication and managing feedback.

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