Orders placed at SPAR is delivered already by taxi

The new service of SPAR and Főtaxi Group, TAXI SHOPPING starts on 6th April. In the epidemic period caused by the coronavirus, during the curfew restrictions affecting everyone, shopping became difficult for many people. The new service of SPAR and Főtaxi Group, which is based on SPAR online shop, tries to help for these people.

„Cooperation is the only way in this current epidemiological and economic situation. The mission of SPAR is to supply the population with food: our colleagues perform beyond their strength day by day nationwide. TAXI SHOPPING, that is a common service with Főtaxi Group, is based on SPAR online shop. It was developed in order to offer new alternatives to our customers for delivery, if they do not have the opportunity or would not like to move out of home, or possibly they arrange the shopping instead of their elder or sick relatives” – said Márk Maczelka, head of communication at SPAR.

The convenience service is easily available from 6th April 2020. On the website www.spar.hu/onlineshop, the delivery in person option shall be selected, then choose a free time slot appropriate for the customer. Thereafter, the desired products shall be taken into the basket as usual and pay for the order by credit card. After ordering becomes it possible to call one of the phone numbers of Főtaxi Group (in case of Főtaxi: +36 1/20/30/70 2 222 222, in case of Budapest Taxi: + 36 1/20/30/70 7 777 777). The name, the SPAR order number, the selected time slot, and the address of the store at which the taxi driver can pick up the collected order and also the address where the taxi can deliver the order shall be given. Delivery is carried out from any of the INTERSPAR stores serving the SPAR online shop (INTERSPAR Diósd, INTERSPAR Szentendre, or INTERSPAR Pesterzsébet). As in case of a normal carriage, the cost of delivery shall be paid separately at the delivery to the driver. The cost of delivery corresponds to fixed authority fees of service on transport of passengers by taxi: standard rate: 700 HUF, unit rate proportionate to distance 300HUF/km, unit rate proportionate to time 70HUF/minute. The estimated amount can be calculated on the website www.fotaxi.hu, but dispatchers of Főtaxi Group can also help in this issue. All cars of Főtaxi Group have paperless credit card terminal, thus payment is contactless. Since declaring the state of emergency, Főtaxi Group in cooperation with SPAR Magyarország is working on that in spite of the decrease experienced in the service of passenger traffic, it tries to find new innovative business opportunities in order to preserve workplaces and social usefulness.

„In these days, the sustainable operation has gained new meaning for every business operator. During our passenger transport service, we strive to serve our passengers at the highest level. Now, we are entering to a new territory but I am sure that the quality and reliability connected to the name of Főtaxi also prevail in the cooperation with the SPAR store chain, to which the biggest fleet of the country provides stable background” – said Zsolt Angyal, CEO of Főtaxi.

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