Our 100th member is the Yamazaki Mazak Central Europe s.r.o.

It is our great pleasure to announce our 100th member company, the Yamazaki Mazak Central Europe s.r.o. The company was found in 2004, and its General Manager is László Török, who is responsible for the Central-East European region covered with 144 employees, working from Hungary currently coordinates 41 employees in the Hungarian Branch. In 2018 the regional revenue including the Hungarian sale had a total revenue of close to 24 billion HUF. The company’s core business includes the distribution of machine tools, technology consulting, machine tool service and the supply of spare parts.

As a market leader machine tool manufacturer, the energy requirements of the machines, the use of coolant and the use of environmentally friendly technologies are always a priority for them – representing high focus in all innovations. Sustainable development is achieved through product design, manufacturing processes, and the continuous development of high skilled employees and engineering competencies to meet the optimal needs of customers. At their technology centre, they try to provide customers with the most productive solution during trial testing while minimizing material consumption. In addition, they contribute to the protection of the environment through the careful choice of raw materials, the reduction of energy, water and oil needs and the refurbishment of obsolete machinery.

The company’s core values ​​include proper annual communication of ethical conduct and the audit of all relevant matters. Respect for human rights also applies to suppliers, and products also go through strict Export Control. If the machines are used for purposes not approved by the company, they can be stopped remotely using a special code. They have a high level of transparency, as accountability is a priority in all cases, and they have all the information about the location and use of their machines and equipment.

Sustainable development is a key value for the company, and by joining BCSDH, they want to further strengthen this by learning about the solutions and perspectives of their and other industries using the strength of the partnership.

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