Our new member company: FoxPost Zrt.

FoxPost Zrt., with more than 200 employees, has been providing small parcel logistics services to its customers since its foundation in 2014.

Sustainability is an approach to the company that is part of their strategy and natural way of operating. It is of paramount importance to them that, in addition to providing a service that offers convenience and flexibility to their users, they also build modern and environmentally conscious logistics. Their corporate responsibility extends to all those whom they help with their logistics solutions, and their corporate operations have been designed and are designed in such a way that social, economic, and environmental responsibility is integrated into their everyday lives. Since 2020, they have produced GRI Sustainability Reports in English and Hungarian.

In 2022, they made significant changes to their emissions measurement system: they follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, but now use a much more detailed and comprehensive measurement system. They aim to measure emissions from processes and facilities related to their activities, in addition to their core activities, and to reduce their emissions by an average of 5% per year.

Although most of their environmental impact comes from their emissions from the transport of goods, they also believe that the circular economy is important. They do a lot to minimise the amount of waste they generate; for example, they use special crates to transport parcels, which they improve to increase their lifespan; and they use EcoFoil film, which requires 60% less foil than conventional film.

They have also taken number of effective steps to rationalise energy consumption in their workplace in recent years, such as introducing lighting zones in their warehouses and installing louvers on their gates.

Their responsible approach is reflected in several ways: they encourage their customers to provide regular feedback in the form of questionnaires after transactions, which they use as a basis for improving their processes.  In relation to their employees, they place great emphasis on non-discriminatory recruitment, training and continuous measurement of satisfaction with the company. Feedback is provided anonymously to everyone, and a whistleblowing protection system is in place.

As a Hungarian company and a responsible corporate, they consider it important to stand up for social causes from time to time, especially where they can do the most professionally: providing a modern and simple logistical solution for civil initiatives, e.g. in education, helping families affected by illness, or even supporting local communities.

Since its inception, FoxPost has made it its mission to operate sustainably. They have made significant results in the sustainability of the small parcel logistics segment, which they intend to continue joining the sustainability ecosystem in Hungary through BCSDH.