Our new member company, HAVI Logistics Kft.

Founded in 1990, the company, which employs nearly 150 people, provides its customers with the warehousing and transport of dry, chilled, and frozen food products, and a full range of logistics services.

They were among the first in Hungary to buy CNG, LNG and then mild hybrid trucks, and this year will see the arrival of electric refrigeration. Their company car fleet can only consist of environmentally friendly vehicles.

They operate ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 systems and a sustainability working group. They joined SBTi in 2018. At the group level, they produce a CDP report on their environmental impact and continuously measure their GHG emissions in the three main areas (by GHG at Scope1, Scope2, and Scope3 levels respectively) as part of their internal reporting system.

They are committed to diversity, acceptance, non-discrimination, and individuality throughout the Group and in their operations. They provide continuous training for their employees – this contribute to the implementation of their sustainability strategy, as well.

Regular communication and a proactive approach are the hallmarks of their relations with their partners, both customers and suppliers.

They joined the BCSDH because they believe that an organisation that includes large companies can effectively represent the sustainability aspirations of the companies and provide a good example and professional guidance to the business.  As a member of the organisation, they would like to further their professional knowledge to be part of an innovative team and receive support.