Our new member company iData Kft.

iData Kft. is one of Hungary’s leading GPS tracking companies. The company deals with fleet tracking, fuel control, vehicle protection, toll payment for trucks over 3.5 tons and buses, and has a strong international background with its Norwegian owner Norbit. Its main product is the iTrack GPS Tracking System, which is installed in 40,000 vehicles of 5,400 customers. As a complex telematics service provider, it contributes indirectly to supporting its customers’ environmental sustainability efforts.

Their sustainability strategy and objectives are defined at the Group level, with four main strands: Explore more sustainability opportunities; Delivering solutions adapted to the new reality of sustainability; Refinement of talents in an attractive place to work; Safe under pressure with ethical business conduct.

The ESG requirements framework plays a strategic role in the development of their services. Large companies, and SMEs in Scope 1, and Scope 3 are supported by the provision of real-time data and its analysis. With their specialised, customised, and fair VSE (Leadership Style Analysis) services, they help to achieve the climate goals (SBTi) of these companies and to establish a safe workplace.

The company was one of the first to win the Business Ethics Award. Human values are a priority in their business and management principles. In alignment with the parent company, they have established a Code of Ethics and Conduct, operate a Whistleblowing System, and have a three-year Equal Opportunities Plan. They have been members of the Equal Opportunities Charter since 2015 and have several measures in place to build a tolerant, cohesive, and loyal employee community. In 2023 they were awarded the title “Best Workplace for Women”, which was also helped by the fact that 50% of their management is women.

As an IT service provider, information security is essential to them, and the principles are set out in their IT Policy document. As part of their CSR activities, they have adopted a kindergarten and a home for the elderly.

They aim to continuously explore how they can contribute to solving sustainability challenges for their customers, partners, and society as a whole.

They publish their sustainability reports at the Group level.