Our new member is Amundi Asset Management Hungary

Our newest member company is Amundi Asset Management Hungary, which has been dealing with fund management, collective portfolio management and investment management in Hungary since 1992. In 2018, it had an annual turnover of 2222 million and had 20 employees. As the number one leader, Sándor Vízkeleti has been managing the company’s operations since 2006.

The group is committed to financing a sustainable economy, and sustainability criteria are becoming increasingly important in its investment activities. Their operations and reference index are determined by the so-called ESG principles. ESG acronym stands for Environmental, social and governmental, and its approach ranks investments based on these main sustainability factors. The company has incorporated the UN’s sustainability criteria into its policy and excludes companies, that pollute the environment, violate social responsibility and fair corporate governance from its investment palette.

The company can ensure its transparent operations, as its core business is regulated officially, thus the fulfillment of the promises made is under constant control. Internal ethical operations are ensured through the Code of Ethics and Conduct, internal regulations, the criteria, moreover their memberships in international organizations.

Amundi wants to be one of the companies standing at the forefront of sustainability. By joining BCSDH, they expect to expand their knowledge in this area, and their goal is to make Hungary more inclusive to sustainable investments.

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