Our new member is Güntner-Tata Hűtőtechnika Ltd.

Our newest member company is Güntner-Tata Hűtőtechnika Ltd., which was established in 1990 and has 1400 employees. The company’s turnover in 2018 was EUR 53 billion. They deal with the production of non-household refrigerators and air conditioners besides, they manufacture evaporators, condensers, air coolers and customized products for industrial companies and plants.

Güntner-Tata attaches great importance to promoting sustainability, improving ecological balance and the quality of life. Priorities include raising employees’ environmental awareness, reducing the use of hazardous substances, applying environmentally friendly technologies, and preventing and reducing environmental pollution. Towards this, waste is selectively collected at the factory, and some components are produced and transported using renewable energy. The company takes responsibility for maintaining and improving the environmental condition of its site. Furthermore, in 2018, Güntner-Tata has completed its first Sustainability Plan, and one of the key elements of their 2020 strategy is the GreenGüntner direction, which promotes responsible, sustainable and green operation.

Ethical operation and social engagement are also important to the company. The company employs a variety of nationalities, has a prayer room for equal treatment and respect for religions, and provides an interpreter for the proper flow of information. Meanwhile, they support the city and local organizations, kindergartens and schools annually.

Sustainability is a key factor to the company, as part of their strategy to continuously look for innovative solutions and opportunities, and by joining BCSDH, they would like to develop this, among other things.

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