Our new member the Manuli Stretch Hungary

Our new member, the Manuli Stretch Hungary  was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of the Manuli Group. The group which is functioning as a stretch foil manufacturer, can be considered as a leading company on a global scale when talking about productivity, product quality and trading. The main services of the hungarian subsidiary are applying stretch foil, shrink wrapping, strapping, drilling, gluing, cushioning and filling, while still adapting to the unique ideas and expectations of the partners. The three pillars of their services are reducing packaging material consumption, increasing capacity and thus reducing overall packing costs.

The company pays great attention to ethics, and their Ethics Codex is the basis of their everyday work. By offering flexible forms of employment as a family-friendly workplace, their own 12-member team is attentive to respect for human values and can adapt flexibly to the everyday lives of small children. They also take care of their ethical operations with their suppliers, and they make sure about these with the help of regular personal audits.

“In the spirit of environmental responsibility, it is our priority to teach industrial manufacturers use less packaging material and stimulate them to a more efficient method of packaging with our environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions, and overall our conscious packaging concept. We are looking forward to working with BCSDH, as even more effective solutions and a more sustainable utilization could be developed, while taking recycling and reusing into account.” – said Gábor Arató, CEO of Manuli Stretch Hungary.

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