Our newest member is IFUA Horváth & Partners

Our newest member, IFUA Horváth & Partners was founded in 1989, and is represented by Dr. Viktória Bodnár, Eörs Huba and István Radó. IFUA’s main profile is business and management consulting. The company’s turnover was HUF 4.5 billion, with almost 150 employees in 2020.

The aim of their environmental responsibility is to continuously improve their own and their client’s economic and environmental sustainability through consulting projects.

IFUA intends to become more sustainable mainly in the following areas: sustainable office (energy use, green mobility, product and food consumption, waste management); making employees’ daily lives more sustainable through lectures, and discussions. In order to achieve a carbon-neutral operation, IFUA Horváth & Partners plans to join the climate protection objectives of their parent company, Horváth AG headquartered in Stuttgart.

IFUA supports the economic and environmental sustainability of its clients through numerous consulting projects, focusing on:

– Sustainable production with green energy,

– Hydrogen technology,

– Circular economy,

– Smart Energy Management,

– Green finance,

– Green & smart mobility,

– Climate-conscious agriculture and food industry.

In addition, IFUA tries to support the sustainability of its customers by holding webinariums and conferences, as well as by operating the Green Controlling Award. Projects of IFUA Nonprofit Partner, which are closely linked to IFUA, also contribute to social sustainability.

The aim of IFUA’s membership is to be part of active common thinking, to further develop their own methodological knowledge basis, and to monitor sustainable business operation in Hungary and worldwide.


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