Our newest member is SDSYS Zrt.

Our newest member is SDSYS Zrt., founded in 2014. leading by András Csiba as CEO, with 10 employees. SDSYS Zrt.’s TaxTech solutions create a unique innovation in the financial sector, by  automating the process line of incoming domestic and foreign invoices.

Their environmental responsibility lies in their creed; “what is  created digitally, does not have to be on paper. , By keeping documents in the digital space, we can save time, energy, natural and material resources”. The company runs it’s office paperless, which has been extended to suppliers as well, so digital contracting is a primary expectation. All their products and the automation they develop help to make the processes more sustainable and future-proof. Their new project, starting in January 2022, will plant a tree for each customer contract entered into, as part of the SDSYS forest establishment. The responsible and ethical operation of the company is ensured by an internal control system and the company’s core values. The primary internal goal of their corporate operations is to maintain the physical-mental balance of their colleagues. Their basis is to ensure family priority in the family-work balance.

The purpose of their membership is to learn new knowledge and technologies, getting suggestions, guidelines that will help them fulfill their idea of ​​a ‘digital world’.

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