ALTEO Group has unveiled new energy storage facility in Kazincbarcika

A 5MW/5MWh capacity energy storage unit has been built on the site of the Heating Power Plant of Kazincbarcika, which was unveiled on November 3. The project tender is expected to close on January 13, 2022.

With this initiative, ALTEO is looking for an innovative solution that fits into the framework of circular economy, following increased demand for weather-dependent renewable energy sources. One of the possible paths is the creation of battery energy storage units. The company has built its first 6MW/4MWh capacity energy storage unit in 2018 in Budapest, on the site of the Heating Power Plant in Zugló. The new Kazincbarcika site differs mostly from the currently available standard solution in the market by using two types of batteries, thus the system also includes batteries that are produced primarily for car industry usage.

„It is unequalled that in addition to batteries specifically developed for energy storage tasks of the electricity system, batteries produced for e-cars can also play a role”– stated Péter Luczay, Deputy CEO, in charge of production management and business development at ALTEO Group.


Including the current development, ALTEO has a total of 11MW/9MWh energy storage facility capacity. That makes ALTEO the market leader in Hungary in the area of implementing and operating energy storage projects.

ALTEO Group, which favors renewable energy, has shown its e-mobility presence at Planet Budapest

The ratio of renewable energy in ALTEO’s production is increasingly greater. The new generation energy provider – in addition to other elements of its portfolio – has presented one of its flagship products, an innovative charger column for e-cars, at Planet Budapest, the joint event of the Visegrad countries about sustainable growth.

„The consistent inclusion of circular economy and ESG principles in everyday practice has become unavoidable for a modern energy company” – stated Attila Chikán Jr., CEO of ALTEO Group, a exhibiting companies at the event. According to him, it is only half true that the ratio of renewable energies is increasingly present in the company’s energy production. The other half centers around a persistent intention of developing innovative solutions.

There are several obvious ways today to lower corporate green footprint at the micro-level, such as the use of e-cars. Their growth is mostly slowed down by the charging infrastructure, even though solutions that can provide energy to one or more cars without upscaling the existing electricity network are already available to smaller companies as well. ALTEO presents such an innovative e-car charger „totem pole” at Planet Budapest, which is capable to deliver a special energy management solution to the infrastructure. The greatest advantage of these is that they can intelligently insert the new charging intention into the existing consumption universe of the installation location, thereby avoiding the possible stumbling blocks of greater differences in electricity demand.




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