Revived for an energy efficient future

Cothec Ltd. has 20 years of experience in the Hungarian energy services market. The last few years have brought about many changes, challenges and continuous improvement. They would like to thank their Partners and Clients for their cooperation, trust and support.

Thanks to the eco-friendly technical-based energy services of Cothec Ltd., more than 200 municipal and stately-owned buildings, as well as nearly 80 residential buildings have been renewed within 20 years. The Company’s activities have managed to achieve 15,000 t/year of CO2 savings (equivalent to the annual emissions of about 5.000 detached houses), proving the environmentally conscious way of thinking of the Company. In view of the favourable environmental effects of decentralized heat production, from 2009 onwards, it has been providing district heat services for 4 cities and district heat generation services for 2 cities having more than 2.000 satisfied consumers.

Major references of the Company include Alfréd Hajós Swimming Pool, Opel Factory, Petz Aladár County Hospital in Győr, and the refurbishment and energy efficient operation of the Eastern Railway Station.

During the year 2019, the company reborn, supported by its long history and experience, involving other expert colleagues on board, it will do its best to continue working successfully with its Partners and Clients further on.

Owned by ENGIE Group, Cofely Ltd. -mainly engaged in the operation and maintenance of building engineering installations and energy systems – merged with Cothec Ltd. in 2019. As a result, ENGIE Magyarország Kft was established on 1 August.

Starting from the value chain of Cothec and Cofely, ENGIE Magyarország Kft. combines the strengths of the companies, thus creating a specialized company providing complex and environmentally friendly energy solutions in the Hungarian energy market, providing services ranging from project planning to execution, financing to operation and maintenance as well as full-scale energy services.


As an energy supplier, ENGIE Magyarország Kft. becomes a dominant player in the Hungarian energy and service market, offering sustainable and energy-efficient solutions to its corporate clients, constantly striving to improve quality, profitability and competitiveness.


  • Providing full-scale service to our customers
  • Dedicated, responsible and reliable team, a forerunner in problem- solving
  • Sustainability and innovation
  • Stable, reliable, professional activity

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