Season of awards at SPAR: acclaimed products, stores, campaigns and professionals

In recent weeks, SPAR Hungary has received prestigious awards and recognitions for its support of Hungarian products and enterprises, health-conscious lifestyles, as well as for its commitment to value and quality.     

“Our company is very proud that both the industry and customers confirm our efforts to put as many high-quality, mostly domestic products as possible on the shelves of our stores, which further expands the range of quality goods and contributes to more sustainable operation and consumption,” said Márk Maczelka, head of communications at SPAR Hungary.

SPAR wins the Customer Choice Award based on customer feedback

SPAR Hungary is committed to supporting the marketing of domestic products and helping family and small enterprises put their high-quality products on the shelves of the retail chain. This effort has been recognised by the customers with the first ever Customer Award for Hungarian Products (Magyar Termékekért Vásárlói Nívódíj) based on customer votes, and by the industry with the Silver Award for the Trade of Hungarian Products.

The company’s commitment to Hungarian products has been recognised with numerous awards in the recent years: SPAR Hungary was awarded first place in the Award for the Trade of Hungarian Products competition in 2021 and 2018, and silver medals in 2023, 2022 and 2019.

SPAR cocoa swirl bun with purpur dough wins the Value and Quality Grand Prize

The new bakery product launched by the Hungarian chain this year, the SPAR cocoa swirl bun with purpur dough has won the Value and Quality Grand Prize for the highest quality of domestic products and services, and is now eligible to bear the trademark certifying this distinction. The use of the Value and Quality Grand Prix Certification Trademark and the award of the distinction is recognition of goods, services and companies that meet a complex set of criteria and demonstrate a commitment to quality in their business activities, and also comply with sustainability requirements.

Two popular SPAR private-label products have been awarded Food Awards

This year, “Nők Lapja Food Awards” has been presented for the second time, and two SPAR own-brand products won the 2023 awards: in the special main category gluten-free subcategory, the 500g “SPAR free from” gluten-free, fine-grain oatmeal, and in the non-carbonated drinks category, the 1l SPAR 100% apple juice. This year’s competition was again open to food products and beverages that are available in Hungarian stores. Shoppers could vote for their favourites on the website and 7600 votes were cast to choose this year’s winners of the Food Awards 2023 competition.

Acclaims for INTERSPAR hypermarkets

In the StarStore – Retailer of the Year 2023 competition organised by Trade magazine, the INTERSPAR unit located at “Bécsi út” in Budapest won the title “HYPERMARKET OF THE YEAR 2023” and the “STORE OF THE YEAR 2023” award as well, as the absolute winner of the competition based on the combined results of all the candidates.  SPAR Hungary, as a committed supporter of domestic products and sustainability, has also been awarded the title “HYPERMARKET CHAIN OF THE YEAR 2023” in the Hypermarket category, based on the assessment of the professional jury. Also in the “For a more sustainable future” competition launched by Trade magazine, SPAR Hungary was awarded the Sustainability Symbol 2023 in the corporate category, based on the assessment of the professional panel.

Ferenc Horváth, food industrial director of SPAR Hungary appointed MATE Visiting Professor

At the 170th anniversary celebration of the Buda Campus of the Hungarian Agricultural and Life Sciences University (MATE), held in honour of the founder Ferenc Entz, the title of “MATE Visiting Professor” was bestowed upon Ferenc Horváth, the food industrial director of SPAR Hungary, in recognition of his dedicated work in the field of education and research, which has greatly contributed to the practice-oriented educational efforts of the institutes on campus.

Seven SPAR staff members listed among the country’s most outstanding communication and marketing professionals

Head of communications Márk Maczelka and head of marketing Károly Németh have been included in Marketing&Media magazine’s ranking of the top 50 most successful PR and marketing communications decision-makers in the country. In this year’s new ranking of PR professionals, Márk Maczelka was ranked 11th, while head of marketing Károly Németh was ranked 24th in the eighth edition of the marketing top list.

Petra Székely-Németh, deputy head of communications, Katalin Varga, digital marketing communications manager, Krisztina Gulyás, digital manager, Mária Lénárt, loyalty promotions manager and Kinga Pál, POS manager have been voted among the top operational professionals in the sector in the Signature 40 competition.