DNAi, the ProSelf Sustainability Community and Organizational Commitment Platform

We are pleased to announce that ProSelf International Inc is now employing a new, innovative solution in the spirit of sustainability: the Sustainability Community Engagement Platform, DNAi. The purpose of this platform is to articulate corporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals not only at a strategic and management level but also to implement them at every level of the organization.

With DNAi, employees can directly participate in sustainability initiatives, empowering them to take an active role in driving change. The platform provides support for grassroots initiatives and the sharing of community ideas, thus creating a truly integrated and committed sustainable workplace environment.


How DNAi Works

Commitment and Motivation

Involving employees in the definition and implementation of goals.

Innovation and Initiative

The platform creates opportunities to test new ideas and share best practices.

Community Building

To strengthen collaboration and community spirit, we organize regular workshops and events.

Transparency and Tracking

Monitoring results and progress in real time, with complete transparency.


For more information, please contact Attila Kelemen.