Shell: Steps Towards a Sustainable Future in Hungary Too

Shell aims to become a driving force for progress towards more and cleaner energy solutions also in Hungary, together with its customers and the society. Shell has recently taken several steps towards a sustainable future in our country.  Among others, Shell Hungary zRt. announced in December 2021 that it had acquired the LNG filling station at the M0 motorway, which is planned to be the first in its nationwide network to be built in the coming years, to expand its domestic fuel portfolio. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has significant potential to make transport fuel cleaner and more economical and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavy goods vehicles.


This February, two new ultrafast chargers were added to the Shell Recharge network at the Péterhegyi út Shell site in Budapest. A few weeks ago, the European Union announced a list of successful Connecting Europe Facility (CEF2) tenders, thanks to which in the near future the Hungarian high-performance (at least 150 kW) electric car charging network will be expanded by 220 charging posts at 70 locations. The investments will give a new boost to the uptake of climate-friendly vehicles in Hungary. Within this, Shell Hungary is going to install 2 ultrafast chargers with 150 kW capacity at 20 retail sites.


In less than a year, the joint effort of Hungarian drivers and Shell has contributed to the offset of more than 44,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide under the Shell Carbon Neutralisation Program, launched last May. This huge amount can best be captured by imagining it in hot air balloons. A hot-air balloon[1] can hold around 1 tonne of gas, meaning that last year, in a fraction of a year, drivers and Shell together extracted more than 44,000 balloons’ worth of CO2 from the atmosphere – a hot-air balloon festival of that size would be a world record.


Shell also focuses on sustainability of its delicious coffee. In Hungary, Shell launched Shell Café, the new brand for the “concept store” type café and high-quality coffee as well as other products offered by Shell in August 2021.The coffee offered by Shell Café is “Rainforest” certified, confirming that the coffee beans are sourced in accordance with the three main pillars of sustainability – social, economic and environmental. Suppliers and farmers are required to adhere to strict criteria in their production and distribution. International FSC certification then assures customers that the packaging in which Shell Café products are packed uses wood which has been responsibly harvested in accordance with sustainable forestry practices as a raw material.

[1] Calculated with a hot air balloon of 500-560 m³ in which 1 tonne of CO₂ can be charged.

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