SIÓ-Eckes, Hungary’s leading fruit drink producer, launches charity campaign as year-end holidays approach

With a two-month year-end campaign, the fruit producer is supporting the needy

SIÓ-Eckes, Hungary’s leading fruit drink producer, is launching a charity campaign as the year-end holidays approach. The campaign has been organized by the company together with the Children’s Catering Foundation for the second year in a row. If you buy from SIÓ Natura products participating in the promotion during the festive campaign from November 1st to December 31st, you will also support the Children’s Nutrition Foundation. The foundation will provide vitamins-rich fruits to children in need.

From the very beginning, the Hungarian fruit juice company, which has been producing the most popular fruit drinks for decades, is working on that as many people as possible can enjoy the beneficial effects of fruits through our fruit juice products. This has become even more important in the wake of the growing epidemic during this winter, which requires special vitamin supplementation. With its campaign combining fruit drink consumption and community support, SIÓ wants to smuggle health and joy into the lives of both donors and recipients.

For families in difficult situations, the winter period is more challenging than usually, so it is extremely important to support them in this period of the year. It is important that children in need could benefit from the positive effects of fruit consumption during this winter. Last year, we delivered 3 tons of fresh fruit to families in need, which meant 15 kg of natural vitamins per family.

SIÓ-Eckes Kft. Is the leading fruit fly producer in Hungary and a key player in the sector. It is the leader of the Hungarian fruit juice market, thanks to its products made from succulent fruits in accordance with the Hungarian taste and the decision of the customers. Over the past nearly 40 years, the Siófok factory has become one of the most modern fruit processing and fruit production plants in Europe, and one of the strongholds of domestic fruit processing and fruit production.

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