SPAR has decreased by almost a hundred tonnes the quantity of sugar used for the production of its own-brand products

The store has committed itself to popularize health-conscious lifestyle and the diet supporting it. The initiative called „Less sugar – more vitality! doubled by now the 50 tonnes of sugar quantity reduction which was reached in the starting year, in 2019.

„Food products supporting healthy lifestyle and diet are getting an increasing role in the SPAR product range. Satisfying the needs of our customers, we offer even more salt- and sugar-reduced, free from preservatives and additives food products appropriate for a special diet. Besides our continuously increasing and renewable selection of products, we support with the help of SPAR Lifestyle programme our customers to create their healthy lifestyle. It is especially important that the 50 tonnes of sugar reduction reached by our programme, „Less sugar – more vitality!” started for two years, has been doubled: the quantity of added sugar in our own-brand products being domestically developed or deriving from international purchase was reduced by 97 tonnes by the end of 2020” – said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communication at SPAR.

In 2019, SPAR Hungary decided to reduce the quantity of sugar used for the production of its own-brand products, which are sold in its stores. The fast 100 tonnes of added sugar reduction in the affected product groups being in its product range – among which we can find beverages, juices, energy drinks, syrups, ice cream, sweet cereal and dairy produces, muesli and cereal bars, ketchups and biscuits – is a significant result, which contributes to the creation of a diet supporting healthy lifestyle.

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