SPAR helps the integration of employees with changed work capacity

SPAR Hungary creates new value on the domestic labour market by which their social sustainability programmes provide real support more and more widely for those, who need it. The cooperation between the company and Janka Tanya is a guideline model for that how our fellow humans with changed work capacity can be integrated into the world of work.

It is important for SPAR Hungary to integrate the employees with changed work capacity and to solve their long-term employment. Therefore, it applies an equal opportunity rapporteur, organizes awareness-raising trainings for the employees, furthermore, it provides for more than ten years sales points to Szerencsejáték Zrt.: lottery tickets can be bought in almost a hundred super- and hypermarkets from people with changed work capacity. Currently, 119 employees with changed work capacity work at the company and it employs ten young people with disabilities, autism. From 2010, SPAR Hungary has won four times the Disability-Friendly Workplace Recognition, moreover, it has also received Accepting Workplace special prize which was given as a recognition for its realized programme with Janka Tanya.

It is a challenge for the economic operators to involve in a wider range our autistic or mentally disabled fellow humans into day-time and alternative employment. The cooperation of Janka Tanya in Tótvázsony and SPAR Hungary is sustainable and sets an example for us to follow. The purpose of the community, besides day care, is to provide development and rehabilitating employment for adults with changed work capacity, by which it facilitates and supports their integration into society. The effort, work and results of founders and workers of Janka Tanya were presented in November 2020 by the article published by with the title „They no longer look at us strangely that our team is „different” – an exemplary initiative for people living with disabilities”, which is available at the following link:—peldamutato-kezdemenyezes-a-hatrannyal-elokert.716514.html

SPAR, being dedicated to equal opportunity, works together with Janka Tanya in Tótvázsony from 2017: two or three times a week, the INTERSPAR employees in Veszprém welcome the youngsters who carry out self-stacker and storage tasks there, moreover, ornaments and commodities made by them can be purchased at the annually organized Christmas and Easter markets in the centre of the company. The company has also made a report movie with the title „Hosszú út” (Long road) about the everyday lives of disabled youngsters living in the community in Veszprém county and about working together. The emotional movie, which presents that with the help of experts in Janka Tanya and with appropriate educational work our fellow humans with autism can also live a full life, is broadcasted on Saturday, 20th February 2021 at 10:25 by ATV television channel.

The movie was broadcasted by RTL Klub earlier and it is available on the website of the company:

and you can watch the movie in full length on SPAR Youtube channel:

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