Our newest member is Auchan Hungary

Our newest member is Auchan Hungary which opened its first store in our country in 1998. The company is managed by Dominique Ducoux, and had a net sales revenue of 333 million HUF in 2019 with 7140 employees. The core business of the company includes the retail sale in non-specialised stores with food.

Auchan believes the food industry and retail chains play a big role in achieving sustainable food security. So far, the company has paid a lot of attention to environmental protection, and through their environmentally friendly solutions, they seek to play a prominent role in shaping consumer behavior. They are constantly working on minimizing the proportion of disposable plastics also considering their suppliers, partners and stores. This way, they reduce

their plastic production by 14,2 tonnes each year. Reducing the carbon footprint is also vital for the company: they modernized their refrigeration equipment, changed the light systems of the stores and parking zones and optimized their transport routes, etc. Auchan is taking an active role in food rescue, as they collaborate with the Hungarian Food Bank Association since 2015, thus every day the remaining food is delivered to those in need.

Their Charter of Ethics provides standards covering human rights and fundamental values, violations of which are monitored among their employees, partners and suppliers through their so-called Whistle-B system. The company rejects any discrimination. In addition, their parent company has been publishing its sustainability report for years, and its domestic adaptation is among their plans.

The purpose of joining BCSDH is to get first-hand information on sustainable development issues affecting the corporate sector, learn from success stories from member companies, moreover getting professional support and joining BCSDH events also contributed to their decision.


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