SPAR is looking for emerging Hungarian suppliers

This time, the exciting Hungaricool products can get to the shelves from the TV screen. The Among Sharks business show goes on on RTL Klub. This year, the Hungaricool by SPAR product competition also joins to the show, the winners of which with their new, marketable products can reach the shelves of INTERSPAR hypermarkets as well.

In the popular business show of RTL Klub, internationally recognized investors, the Sharks are waiting for entrepreneurs who would like to challenge, revive their business or present their creative product. To this year’s season of the show joins the Hungaricool by SPAR competition, in the framework of which the producers who enter the show and successfully qualify themselves in the first round also can enter the competition of the store chain with their products of food industry or other products being able to be sold in hypermarkets.

„It is a high priority for SPAR Hungary to support the domestic products and their producers.  The purpose of our Hungaricool by SPAR product competition started last year was to find domestic small entrepreneurs producing high quality products of food industry and to give them an opportunity to introduce themselves in such way that helps the development of their brand, business. Our competition continues this year as well, this time we joined to one of the most popular business shows and extended the scope of competition categories into which entry are allowed. In this way together, we can give more opportunities to the new products because besides the appearance on national television in prime time, the winners of Hungaricool can appear on the shelves of INTERSPAR stores” – said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communication at SPAR.

The commercial channel and SPAR Hungary encourage the owners of new imaginative products using specific solutions in ingredients, production and/or packaging, can be found in the Hungarian market but possibly cannot be available in retail network to apply to the show and by this to get an opportunity to participate in the Hungaricool by SPAR competition.

Information is available about the details of Hungaricool by SPAR and the method of the application on the following website:

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