The electric car charger network of SPAR is extended further

The retail store chain is constantly looking for and applying such innovative solutions with which it contributes to environmental sustainability and provides quality service to the customers. In the spirit of this, SPAR with its professional partner extends further its electric charger station network.

In the framework of the cooperation made in 2019 between SPAR and NKM Mobilitás Kft. (National Public Utilities Mobility Ltd.), Mobility installed by the end of January 2020 in the area of the retail store chain at 17 sites 33 AC-chargers with the capacity of 2×22 kW, which could be occupied from 1st February 2020 by the customers using electric cars.

„The electric car charger stations installed by SPAR have an important role in the sustainability programme of the company and also in the development of the customer experience. The charger devices contribute to the reduction of the environmental pressures and help the customers arriving to the SPAR and INTERSPAR stores. In the following period, the number of electric cars is increasing further in Hungary, and we also adapt to the changing circumstances, therefore with the cooperation of our professional partner, NKM Mobilitás Kft., we are continuously extending our electric charger stations” – said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communication at SPAR. He emphasized that during 2020, the electric car charger network was extended further. As a result of the companies’ cooperation, in the parking lot of 20 new selected super- and hypermarkets – by the order and financing of the store chain – 48 similar to the previous ones AC-quick chargers with maximum charging capacity of 2×22 kW will be connected to the system. After the closing of the project, more than 80 charger devices with double charger head will be available in the parking lots of 37 stores of the SPAR-group for the customers arriving with electric cars.

Besides the service of electric car users and support of driving electric cars, the environmental aspects have also great importance. The accelerating development of charger stations contributes to the reduction of the environmental pressures. The first device was installed in 2019, in the meantime until 31st October 2020, the drivers loaded 16 352 kWh energy that is enough to drive nearly 90 000 zero emission kilometres. With the energy loaded with the SPAR chargers, a today’s new modern electric car (considering the 13 kWh/100 km capacity) could have circled the Earth even three times.




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