The environmentally friendly packaging product range of SPAR has increased again

The product range of INTERSPAR hypermarkets has expanded with eco-friendly packaging material for sandwiches and with food containers. The store chain updates continuously its „green” solutions for packaging and containing food.

„The challenge of a sustainable future is how we can decrease household plastic waste in a way that the comfort of shopping and everyday life can be maintained. SPAR is constantly increasing the number of its environmentally conscious products in order to make the living environment sustainable.  I am pleased to say that these were received very positively by the customers and we hope that the products available from now on will be also popular with them”, said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communication at SPAR.

A novelty in the product range of INTERSPAR hypermarkets is the BPA free, vegan, machine washable Snack’n’Go food containing bag. The product family made of durable material and designed for everyday use makes it possible that during meals, unnecessary waste is not generated. The stain repellent inside of the bag does not allow moisture to pass through, at the same time it is perfectly air-permeable. It can be used for fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, various seeds and even for cookies.

The Boc’n’Roll washable sandwich packaging material is an excellent alternative to disposable aluminium foil or folpack. Into the variable sized packaging that can also be used as place mat, sandwich, bakery product or even more fruits can be placed. The BPA free, vegan, machine washable at 30°C packaging material is a simple and durable solution to reduce the generated waste in everyday life.



The new products are already available in every INTERSPAR hypermarket.

The sustainability initiatives of the company can be found at the website



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