SPAR Hungary is the „Green Retailer of the Year”, INTERSPAR Tata is the „Store of the Year” in the hypermarket category

The newest hypermarket of SPAR, the 34th INTERSPAR has won the title „Store of the Year” in the hypermarket category. INTERSPAR Tata opened last year was built with special solutions and environmentally friendly technologies were applied at its construction. At the competition announced for the sixth time this year, SPAR retail store chain has also won the title „Green Retailer of the Year”

Due to the coronavirus situation, the expert panel evaluated online the applications this year. By giving the award, they would like to call the attention every year to the most outstanding commercial units. The criteria: customer friendly, product range, sustainability, quality of services, indoor design of the store, special solutions and services.

Green retail to protect the environment

Cornerstone of SPAR’s business philosophy is the environmentally conscious corporate governance. The retail store chain applies more and more eco-friendly solutions from waste management through logistics to advertising activities and it involves its customers into their operation. The environmental protection and the endeavour to sustainable development became part of everyday life in the store network, the logistics centres, food processing plants and in the administration centre as well.


INTERSPAR Tata was built in June 2019 in the framework of an investment worth of 4,2 billion HUF and it provides a living for 78 employees. The construction of the 5200-square-meter hypermarket is unique because the horizontal supporting structure, the beams and the ceiling panels are made completely from wood. The externally aesthetic, environmentally friendly use of material was supplemented with environmentally friendly technologies. Ozone-friendly cooling system and refrigerator doors, energy efficient LED-lighting were installed into the facility. Underfloor heating/cooling provides the ideal temperature of the complex. Besides the use of the generated waste heat, heat pump system ensures the heat and cooling demand of the building without requiring natural gas. The estate with near zero fossil energy requirement has high quality doors and windows and insulation, moreover, use of solar energy emerges: solar pavement provides electricity to the phone chargers placed at the playground.



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