The most attractive employers in Hungary in 2024

On 25 April 2024, for the 11th time, the winners of the Randstad Award for Hungary were announced at a gala event in the Várkert Bazaar. LEGO was named the most attractive employer, while BT and Mercedes-Benz defended their second and third place positions from last year.

Libri, the Hungarian National Bank, MOL, Novartis, Accent Hotels, Coca-Cola, Szerencsejáték Zrt., Magyar Telekom, Wizz Air, Lufthansa Systems and KÉSZ Group won special awards in their respective sectors. The best known employer was Aldi.

What do Hungarian workers want most?

According to recent Employer Brand research by Randstad, attractive wages and benefits packages will remain the top priority for Hungarian employees in 2024 in terms of job choice preferences. They also put a high value on a pleasant work atmosphere, how they experience everyday life in the workplace environment, and how they relate to their colleagues and managers. The financial stability of the employer, where the job is long term, where there is no fear of redundancy and where there is the possibility of achieving a work-life balance, is also a major factor – the value of the latter has increased compared to two years ago.

Compared to last year, the top preferences of Hungarian workers and even their ranking remained the same, however, the survey also showed that the importance of these aspects is significantly higher among Hungarian workers compared to the European average. In particular, there is a striking difference in the degree of expectation for an attractive salary and benefits package, a pleasant working atmosphere and the financial stability of the employer.

“Unfortunately, all this shows that these motivators are still not self-evident in our country, and employees have to constantly reiterate what they want when setting their expectations,” said Sándor Baja, Managing Director of Randstad.


Different needs by gender and education level

The top 5 driving factors for choosing a job are the same for both sexes, but for reasons that go back to our social context, some attributes show significant differences between the expectations of women and men. Convenience and accessibility of the workplace and the possibility to remote work/home office are more important for women than for men, and equality of opportunities is also a priority for women.

To learn more about the expectations of employees, most attractive sectors and the mobility among Hungarian employees download the Randstad Employer Brand Research Country report: